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FIRC Pleasure Riding Competition for 2012
We hope this friendly little competition will help us come together without needing a trailer!  Here's how to get involved:
RECORD YOUR TIME:  Click on Add New Item on the right side of this page.  Fill out the form and click Save. 
EVERY MEMBER IS ELIGIBLE:  This includes family members who ride other breeds of horses!!!
COMPETITION RULES:  There are 3 categories of activities that you can include this year:
  • Mounted—very simply, means just that. You clock the time you mount your horse or any other horse for any riding purpose, to the time you physically dismount. For example, you ride in a class in the KY horse show and decide to ride your horse down the trail to cool him out—all of this time counts because you are mounted. If you dismount momentarily for purposes of tack adjustment, go to the bathroom in the woods on a trail ride, etc. the clock doesn’t stop running because this is a very short period of time as opposed to stopping to eat a lunch for an hour. In other words, common sense rules here.
  • Unmounted— Anything counts that includes hands-on with your horse or any other horse. Lunging, grooming, clipping, blanketing, mane pulling, bathing, ground work, working on trailoring skills (i.e., repeatedly loading and unloading a horse in a trailer to work through resistance issues), etc. You can also include time spent  holding the horse for a farrier or vet.  What does not count is trailering to an activity, watching a horse event, teaching a riding lesson, fixing a horse fence, cleaning stalls, oiling tack, etc. One again, common sense rules here.
  • FIRC Events:   All FIRC activities qualify for either mounted or umounted hours depending on the event and how you participate.  Choose this category whenever possible!!  Examples, participating as a rider on a trail ride, helping out with a show, organizing a club activity, participating as a rider in a club show, etc.  Club activities will result in a designated number of hours.  We are still finalizing how this will work, but for now, just record that you participated in a FIRC event, the name of the event and the number of hours you think should apply. 
PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED BY CATEGORY:  At the end of the year the club will award prizes to members based on categories of participation. 
THE COMPETITION BEGINS ON SUNDAY, MARCH 25!:  You can record horse-related activities after that date.  The competition for 2012 will end on December 31, 2012.  Be sure to keep your tally current so that you get credit for everything that you do.
NEED HELP? Send Suzi an email or call her at 304-728-3749.
HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE COMPETITION RULES?  Contact Laura Colicchio or Charlotte Reilly
Get Started:  Click on 'Add new item' on the top right corner of this page.  Enter the information and click Save.

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