Tentative Class Schedule: 

Start Time 9:00 AM both Days

This schedule is subject to change. Breaks to groom track and lunch may be changed once the number of entries in each class is confirmed. We reserve the right to drop classes if there are not enough participants.  Fun class descriptions are included below.


T5 (Prelim) - Intermediate Tolt 

T6 (Prelim) - Intermediate Loose-Rein Tolt 

T2 (Prelim) – Open Loose Rein Tolt


VGH -  Green Horse Four-Gait

TBR - Beginning Rider Tolt

T3 (Prelim) - Open Group Tolt


T1 (Prelim) – Open Individual Tolt

V5 – Novice Four-Gait

V6 – Youth Four-Gait

LDL – Lead line (Fun class)


COS -  Costume (Fun class)

T4 (Prelim) - Open Group Loose Rein Tölt

F3 – Novice Five-Gait

F2 (Prelim) – Intermediate Five-Gait

F1 (Prelim) – Open Five-Gait


PLT - Pleasure Tolt (Fun class)

V3 (Prelim) - Intermediate Four-Gait

V2 (Prelim) - Open Group Four-Gait


V1 (Prelim) - Open Individual Four-Gait

BT -  Beer / Root Beer Tolt (Fun class)



T4 (Finals) - Open Group Loose Rein Tolt

T7 - Novice Tolt

T6 (Finals) - Intermediate Loose-Rein Tolt

V2 (Finals) - Open Group Four-Gait


T2 (Finals)  - Open Loose Rein Tolt

TGH – Green Horse Tolt

VBR – Beginning Rider Four-Gait


V3 (Finals) - Intermediate Four-Gait

V1 (Finals) -  Open Individual Four-Gait

T8 – Youth Tolt

RIB – Ribbon (Fun class)


T3 (Finals) - Open Group Tolt

T5 (Finals) - Intermediate Tolt

F2 (Finals) - Intermediate Five-Gait


F1 (Finals) - Open Five-Gait

3GC – Three Gait


T1 (Finals) - Open Individual Tolt


Fun Class Descriptions:

BT - Beer Tolt: Riders will be given a mug full of (Beer or Beer Substitute). All Riders must follow instructions given by speaker, which may include, walk, tolt, trot, fast tolt, change of rein or change of hand holding mug. The Rider with the most Beer or Beer Substitute at the end of class will be declared the winner.

PLT – Pleasure Tolt: Riders will show any speed tolt. The horse should give the impression of being a pleasure to ride. The judge evaluates the gait and looks for harmony between horse and rider. No more than six horses on the track at once. Rein is selected by majority.

3GC – Three Gait: Riders will be asked to show walk, trot and any speed tolt as instructed by the speaker. The judge evaluates the quality of the gaits.  No more than six horses on the track at once. Rein is selected by majority.

LDL – Leadline: Lead-line riders will be led by an assistant around the track at a walk only.

RIB – Ribbon Pairs: A piece of crepe paper (4 feet long and I 1⁄2-4-inches wide) is held between the two riders in the pair as they obey the announcer’s gait calls, still retaining their hold on the ribbon without breaking or dropping it. The pair shall be disqualified for dropping either end of or breaking the ribbon and for holding or locking hands. After a few minutes of riding, the judge may ask for the ribbons to be shortened by a foot. The judge can again ask for the ribbons to be shorten as many times as needed. The last pair remaining wins.

COS – Costume: Rider/Handler and/or horse can be decorated. Decorations must be safe. Judge may use the audience to help judge the entries. (Note: The show is being held Halloween weekend)