I want to thank everyone who made this successful Icelandic show possible. It takes a whole community to produce an event like this! That includes the extremely gracious hosts, Mike and Antje. 

 We had some great volunteers like Marilyn Tully, NikkiSue, Alicia, and Lee Flanigan, Carrie Laurencot, Kathryn Brockhouse, Marjorie Lewis, Charlotte Reilly, Amy Goddard, Leslie Chambers, Antonio Ortiz, Nichole Kempf, Marlys Shoup, Amanda Malone, and Kelly Smith. The last 3 are not members but wanted to help. I also want to thank Jennifer, Catherine, Antonio, Hunter and Buck whom provide hospitality and facility support. There may be many more who’s name I cannot remember, but I thank you!! I would also like to thank our judge André Böhme, our scribe Susan Moore, our announcer Florian Schneider, our Icetest operator Alexandra Dannenmann, and our sound engineer Jeff Shoup. Also thank you to Amy Goddard for being the DJ during the show.

 The show would also not be possible without the support of the competitors! We appreciate that you traveled so far to show us your beautiful and talented Icelandic horses. We hope you had a safe trip home! - Curtis Pierce

Photos by Heidi Benson and Jacki Edens