Trail Riding Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to provide suggested guidelines for members of the Frida Icelandic Riding Club (FIRC) when organizing and when participating in trail rides. The FIRC would like to encourage members to organize rides for club members in the different regions of the club's five-state area. The FIRC also encourages members to invite club members to join rides sponsored by riding organizations in their areas. The FIRC wants rides to be as enjoyable and as safe as possible for club members. The guidelines suggest ways to accomplish this.

Trail Riding Guidelines Documents


United States Icelandic Horse Congress

The United States Icelandic Horse Congress maintains the Registry of Icelandic Horses in the U.S, sponsors U.S. participation in international competitions, and regulates breeding and competition activities within the U.S. in accordance with FEIF rules. It furthers knowledge of the Icelandic Horse within the U.S., promotes its correct use as a competition and pleasure riding horse, and provides a network in which to share information on events and services among Icelandic Horse owners. Prospective owners should first read our buyer's checklist.

Tölt News

Tölt News is a place were you can find all the information you can think of about what’s going on in the Icelandic horse community in North America and abroad. It has information about events, breeding, training, tack and travel, resources, events and much more.










WorldFengur is the studbook of origin for the Icelandic horse. WorldFengur is a web database program, which opens access to a database containing information on Icelandic horses in the membership countries of the FEIF (International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations). WorldFengur is a joint effort by the Farmers Association of Iceland (FAIC) and FEIF to construct an official and central database on horses of Icelandic origin located all over the world. In WorldFengur you can find comprehensive information on around 410.000 Icelandic horses all around the world e.g. pedigree, offspring, assessments, owners, breeders, BLUP, colours, microchips and more. Also you can find about 13.000 pictures of breeding horses. These numbers are increasing every day. You are just one step away from accessing WorldFengur.

Horses of Iceland is a wonderful site filled with information about the breed, gaits, colors, character, and breeding of the Icelandic Horse. The following links direct you to specific parts of that site.