Tammy Martin

Phone:  703-476-6297

E-Mail: tammymm@hotmail.com

USIHC Member:  Yes or No

Membership Type:  Family or Single

Family Members:  Mitchell

Ok to Share photos on Social Media:  unknown


Terral Hill

Address: 12501 W Hwy 42 Apt B, Prospect, KY 40059

Phone: 502-409-1924

EMail: carrieandterral@gmail.com

Membership Type: Family

Family Members: Carrie Brandt, Terral Hill

USIHC Member: Yes

New or Returning Member: New, joined in last quarter of 2018


Trisha Juerling

Phone:  703-626-5853

E-Mail: Sverrirbjartmarz@hotmail.com

USIHC Member:  Yes or No

Membership Type:  Family or Single

Family Members:  Asta Marie, Sverrir

Ok to Share photos on Social Media:  unknown

William Newcomb

125 Blueberry Hill Lane, Port Matilda, PA 16870

Phone:  814-404-7501

E-Mail:  wgn11@scasd.org

USIHC Member:  Yes 

Membership Type:  Family

Family Members:  Brian, Celeste, Maryann, Alexandria

Ok to Share photos on Social Media:  Yes